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WordPress Theme Custom Graphics Made Easy

Adding WordPress theme custom graphics is made easy by the WordPress features of this theme.

Adding A WordPress Theme Custom Graphics Logo

Go to Appearance/Customize/Default Settings/Site Identity to add a header logo image and name for the theme I have chosen. Here is where you can edit the site title, tag line and upload your logo. Other themes will be different.

Adding WordPress Theme Custom Graphics Slideshow Images

First of all, the theme I selected, the Halcyon theme by Rara Themes, comes with a built-in slideshow just under the header. Therefore, if you select sticky, your post will show up in the slideshow provided it has a featured image. To prevent distortion the featured slider image needs to be 1400 pixels wide and 500 pixels high to be the same size as those in the demo. In contrast, you can make them any size you wish. However it is best to make them all the same size. Your computer should have a image editing program, such as paint. To resize the photos I’m using Photoshop but it is expensive and the idea behind this blog build is to keep the price down so you will want to use what comes with your computer.

also, when you begin adding posts choose three or four of your key posts for the slide show, make them sticky, add the featured image and they will appear in your slideshow. Be sure to “unsticky” the original demo posts to remove them from the slide show. You may want to just add a title, a few words and a featured image to your posts right now, we will cover making up actual posts in the next post.

Adding Featured Posts

The theme has a feature to make certain posts Featured, adding them to the My collection area. Go to Appearance/Customize/Featured Post Settings and select three posts that you want for featured posts. You may change the title here also. Be sure to add a featured image to each post to add color and character to your blog.

Now Let’s Get To Work Adding Posts

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