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Setting Up Blog Hosting For A WordPress Blog

Setting up blog hosting is easy using a host like Bluehost. They have a basic plan that includes an Apache server shared environment with Linux software. Furthermore the server includes a cPanel for you to control your server. Don’t worry if you have no idea what that means, you don’t really need to. Other hosting companies offer similar packages but we are on a budget with this project so we chose Bluehost as an example.

The First Step To Setting Up Blog Hosting

Go to and click on the green Select button under the basic plan. In the future, as your site grows you can move up to a larger plan if needed, however we will stick with the basic plan for setting up blog hosting.

select your hosting plan
Select your Bluehost hosting plan

Adding Your Domain Name

Adding your domain is the next step.. Enter your chosen domain name into the box, select the TLD that you want to use and click the Next button.

select a domain name
Enter your domain name

Chances are, your chosen domain name will not be available. You will be shown a screen that will help you choose an alternate name or TLD if this is the case.

select a new domain name
If your domain name is not available you will see options

Choose Your Options For Setting Up Blog Hosting

You will see the Create Your Account Page once you have selected an available domain name . This page will take your address information, help you select a package and options and take your payment information. Enter your personal information then scroll down to the Package Information and Package Extras.

setting up blog hosting package
Setting up the options for your hosting package

After setting up blog hosting options you will enter your payment information and click the green Submit button. You will be asked if you want to add any upgrades or special offers. At this point you do not need them, click No Thanks.

You will then see a screen that asks you to choose a password. Click the green Create Your Password button.

your purchase was successful
Your purchase was successful, Choose a password.

You will see a screen that says that your setup is complete once you have chosen a password. Log into the admin and get started by clicking the blue button.

Congratulations! Your hosting setup is successful.
Congratulations! Your hosting setup is successful.

Set up the basics of your WordPress blog once you are logged in.

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