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Create WordPress Posts To Attract Visitors To Your Site

You can create wordpress posts now that the framework for your blog is constructed. You have the option to create WordPress posts or pages but for a blog we will focus on posts. Posts can be assigned to different categories, however pages cannot be assigned to categories. You want to create WordPress posts that contain information that is of interest to the visitors you want to attract. Stick to the subject and create categories that match the posts that you create.

Create WordPress Posts With Consistent Subject Matter

Stay on topic with your posts. The visitors will want to see posts that are consistent with why they visited your blog in the first place. Do not disappoint them.

Let’s Get Started!

You created a few bare-bones posts in an earlier post. We will fill them out now and get to work on new ones. Start with a name for each post that is on target with your primary blog subject. When you create a post name keep it short and make it match the keyword or phrase you will use for the post. Think long and hard about the keyword you want to use because this will need to be used throughout the post for good SEO. Once the post is saved you can add more to the end of the post name but the slug will not change. It will remain to match the keyword or phrase for good SEO.

Add A Featured Image

Select a featured image for your post that matches the key word or phrase. Name it to match the key word. Use the key word or phrase in the title, alt, caption and description for good SEO. Use different but similar names if other images are used in the post.

Follow Yoast SEO Guidelines To Be Sure Your Posts Rank Well

W#e have installed the Yoast SEO plugin in the site in an earlier post. It will guide you to construct correct SEO when you create WordPress posts. Follow it faithfully to get your posts to rank well. Refer to the Yoast SEO as you create WordPress posts to make sure you are on the right track as far as SEO.

Create WordPress Content

Create original content for your site. Make up content that is focused on the the keyword or phrase of the post. You want to keep it interesting and make sure the post contains at lease three hundred words. Create WordPress posts that will keep your visitors coming back again and again. Continue to refer to the Yoast SEO information to be sure your post will rank well.

Add internal And Outbound Links As You Create WordPress Posts

Don’t forget to add these links to other posts in your site and links to other sites.

The Next Step Is Adding Custom Graphics To Your WordPress Theme

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