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Configuring WordPress Settings, A Tutorial

Configuring WordPress Settings

When configuring WordPress settings, it is important to give some thought to how you want your blog to work.  Consequently you will find the settings links near the bottom of the left nav bar.

Configuring WordPress General Settings

Click on Settings/General. Put your site name and a tag line in the appropriate boxes. The tag line should be something that describes what your site will be about. Other settings are filled in by default but look at the box that says Membership. Do you want others to sign up to your site to comment on your posts? If not, do not check this box. If you check it you will be able to limit comments on a page by page later on when you add posts.

Configuring WordPress Settings For Writing

You will probably not need to change anything here as far as configuring WordPress settings, unless you want to post by email, although you want to make sure that at the bottom of the page it says WordPress is not notifying any Update Services because of your site’s visibility settings. Search engine spiders will not index your site when this box is checked . You want to keep them out until your site is complete, otherwise spiders will spider a page before it is complete or before the link is changed. This is changed in the next setting.

Configuring WordPress Reading Settings

This page discusses configuring your WordPress settings.  It determines your site display to the public. We have discussed static page, post page and blog earlier. Check the Search Engine Visibility box to keep search engine spiders out.

Configuring WordPress Settings for Discussion

The discussion section deals with allowing site visitors to comment on your posts. Allowing them to comment adds interaction to your site but also invites spammers to post spam in the comments. Settings control visitor comments. Therefore read this section carefully to be sure the settings are how you want comments controlled.

Configuring WordPress Media Settings

Media settings determine the size of images. You can leave them at their default settings for now.

Configuring WordPress Settings for Permalinks

Permalink settings determine the display of your links.  Therefore I advise you to check the Post Name setting for good SEO.

Configuring WordPress Settings for Your Privacy Policy

You will find a Privacy Policy draft in the Privacy Policy settings. Look it over and if it works for you select it as your policy. In contrast you may want to write your own privacy policy. Either way, select the one you want to use here.

The Next Step – Adding WordPress Plugins

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