beginning your blog
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Beginning Your Blog, Taking The First Step

When beginning your blog the first thing to consider is the subject. Choose a subject that you know about and can impart information to those that read your blog. It should be a popular topic for broad interest but, on the other hand, choosing a less popular topic means less people will be blogging about it and your blog will stand out. It would be a good idea to google some terms to see what information is available for your topic and to see how popular it is.

beginning your blog

Beginning Your Blog With A Domain Name And Hosting

Once you have decided on a topic you will need to decide on a domain name. There are several sites that provide domain names but some hosting companies will include a domain name free with hosting. Choose a domain name that will describe the content you will be blogging about. You may have to try several different domain names or TLDs (a TLD is the extension at the end of the domain name, such as .com or .net) to get a domain that will work for you.

Beginning Your Blog may look confusing, but it is easy if you follow the steps

I stated earlier that there are some companies that offer a hosting package that includes domain name and email. They will also install a WordPress site as part of the hosting package. is one company (but there are many others) that will include domain name, email and a WordPress site as part of their Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plan. Bluehost a dependable hosting company and they offer hosting at competitive prices. I will take you step by step on how to set up your hosting through Bluehost. If you choose another hosting company the steps will be similar.

The next step is setting up your hosting with Bluehost.

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